Saṃyukta Āgama

808. Kapilavastu

Thus have I heard. At one time, the Buddha was abiding in Kapilavastu, in the Nyagrodha Park.

At that time, Śākya Mahānāman went to the place of the bhikṣu Venerable Kāma* (迦磨). After bowing his head at the feet of Kāma Bhikṣu, he withdrew to one side, and spoke to Kāma Bhikṣu, saying, “What, Venerable Kāma, is abiding at the stage of training the same as the abiding of the Tathāgata, or is the abiding of a trainee different from the abiding of the Tathāgata?”

Kāma Bhikṣu replied, saying, “Mahānāman, the abiding of a trainee is different from the abiding of the Tathāgata. Mahānāman, one who abides as a trainee severs the Five Hindrances and abides there. The abiding of the Tathāgata has fully severed the Five Hindrances, fully aware, and having severed them at the root, like cutting off the head of a palm tree, they will not grow further, and future dharmas will not arise.

“At one time, the Bhagavān was abiding in the Icchānaṅgala Forest. At that time, the Bhagavān said to the bhikṣus, ‘I wish to sit in dhyāna for two months. You bhikṣus should not come here, except for a bhikṣu to deliver food, and at the time of the Upavasatha.’ ... As previously stated, up to... that present abiding in the bliss of the Dharma, for those beyond training.

“For this reason you should know, Mahānāman, that the abiding of a trainee is different from the abiding of the Tathāgata.” Śākya Mahānāman heard what Kāma Bhikṣu had said. Delighted, he arose from his seat and departed.

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