About This Website

This website and its translations are dedicated to the meditation master Nan Huai-Chin (南懷瑾), pictured at the right. Master Nan’s writings were and continue to be a major inspiration for this project.

Before this website started, I noticed that two of Nan Huai-Chin’s books had gone out of print in English, and I also started to notice that some English translations of classic Buddhist texts had suffered a similar fate. Naturally, this is due to their niche appeal in the West, as “difficult reading,” but this is still an unfortunate loss. One trait of Chinese Buddhism has been that preserving the Dharma and making it widely available is regarded both as a responsibility and as meritorious work. However, this ideal does not really exist yet in the West, and translations have mostly followed the traditional publishing process as isolated efforts. This means that even very good works are naturally lost, and only the simplest books with the broadest appeal will thrive.

This project was started in order to make a small collection of Buddhist teachings widely available to anyone who is interested. History shows that at times when the original texts are widely read and understood, then the Buddhist teachings will flourish, and the number of people who practice cultivation will increase. I hope that this will also be the case in the West, and that the general quality of understanding and practice will increase in this way. If this small project can contribute in any way to such a change, then it will certainly be worth it.

Email Contact: If you have any questions about translations, articles, or the Sanzang project, or if you have feedback, feel free to contact us at: lapislazulitexts@gmail.com.

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